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As We Observe Lenten

As we continue our Lenten journey we are given the opportunity to reflect and pray on all aspects of our lives…We may be asking ourselves the following questions:  Where am I in my Faith journey?  What am I doing that could be better? What is my relationship with the Lord?

What better time than Lent to make improvements in our Faith and celebrate and embrace those strengths that we already have?

Download the Lenten Calendar. The Whole Family Can Follow Along!


I am finding it hard to believe Christmas is almost here. Families last year earned anywhere from $5 to $50+ on top of their regular accrual amount.

Everyone buys gift cards at this time of year, for gifts, for shopping, etc. Ask your co-workers, friends and family members if they would consider buying their cards through you. I have attached the full list of retailers, one by category and one alphabetical, should you want to print it out or email it to others.

Please keep in mind when ordering, we run very tight on inventory this time of year so any large orders will probably take an extra week to fill. If you are ordering something you absolutely need right away it would help to note that on your order form and we will do our best to fill it.

Many companies give gift cards as holiday gifts/thank yous/bonuses, check with your employer to see if they would be doing anything this year and would they buy them through you. If there is a particular denomination that is not shown on the retailer list, I can always check to see if they would issue a Special order with that denomination. Not all companies will and most who do require a minimum order of $500 but many are willing to work with us. Special denomination orders typically require 2-3 weeks and usually need to be placed by the second week of November.

Don’t forget to purchase your SCRIP before or after the 5:15PM Mass on Saturday evening or the 10:00AM on Sunday morning. You can save on your 2015-2016 PREP tuition with every SCRIP purchase you make. Information about SCRIP is available on the SCRIP link.

Thank, Rose Lamphere

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 Family Lent Calendar

Download the Lent Calendar and the whole family can follow along.



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