iStock_000011566333XSmallPREP/CCD is a process of religious formation for the children of our parish families in grades 1 through 7 who are attending public school.  We encourage all families to give their children the opportunity to receive instruction in the faith.  PREP/CCD also encompasses sacramental preparation for First Penance, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.  Parents renew their own faith foundation by studying with their children and through attendance at special sacrament meetings.

There are around 300 students in our PREP/CCD program.  We have a staff of 22 Catechists, plus another 17 support staff who assist in the program as Aides in a variety of ways.  Each and every one of our staff are much needed and appreciated – come on in and see what a wonderful and fulfilling ministry PREP/CCD can be for you – many helpers make for light work.

Our PREP/CCD program is a vibrant, faith-filled process because of the prayerful dedication of all our Catechists and Aides.

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Contact: Mrs. Kristen Hass Coordinator of Religious Education, (215)257-1811 E-Mail