Beginning the week of September 18th, families will have the ability to place a Scrip order online and pick it up at on your child’s PREP night using an online ordering system that allows us to track orders, inventory and family tuition accrual amounts in one program. The program is called Shop With Scrip. You may choose to pay online at the time of ordering (must have a PrestoPay account set up ahead of time) or by cash/check when picking up your order at PREP pickup. Information on PrestoPay accounts can be found on the shopwithscrip website.

To get started with online ordering, go to

If you have:

  1. purchased Scrip AT ALL in the previous years, whether through school or Church, even if you have not personally set up an account, one has been set up in your name. Please email us at for your username and password.
  2. not purchased AT ALL in the past years, you need to set up an account. Go to
    1. Click on Create an Account.
    2. You will need to enter our organization’s enrollment code before ordering. It is 6291D58939762.
    3. Please fill in all information, especially phone number and email address. You may change your username and password also on this page.
    4. Under Student Name please list your youngest/only child’s first name. Add a last name only if it differs from the parent.
    5. Under Classroom/Group please put their grade level and PREP night. (New accounts might see this as Teacher Name but please just enter the grade and night.)
    6. You do not need to put anything in the Pickup Method box.
  3. Now if you want to set up a PrestoPay account to pay online. On the bottom right side of your Dashboard, choose PrestoPay from the menu. This takes you to the section that explains how PrestoPay works and how to set up your account. It normally takes 2-4 business days for your account to be approved and activated.
  4. Orders must be placed no later than 5p.m. on Sunday nights regardless of what night your child attends PREP.
  5. At pick up time, someone will be in the school office handing out orders. Show them the receipt from your online order, make your payment if necessary and receive your filled order!
  6. If you forget to pick up your order then the order will be cancelled unless you paid with PrestoPay. This policy will be enforced this year.
  7. We make every effort to have the On Hand items available at all times. Please understand that sometimes demand exceeds supply, especially in Nov. and Dec.! All other items considered Specials require an additional one week turnaround.
  8. I send out a weekly email with reminders of ordering times and any other pertinent information you might need.

SCRIP Flyer Page

SCRIPT Flyer – Printable PDF
Setting up Your SCRIP account online – Printable PDF
Hand Ordering Form – Printable PDF
St. Agnes SCRIP Specials – Printable PDF